Q Will I receive my pass in the mail?
A No. Passes are picked up at your first event that you attend.

Q How am I able to attend an event?
A To attend an event you need to RSVP to the event by sending an email to BEFORE the event is marked sold out. You will then be added to our list at the door and will be able to attend.

Q Who is able to use the VIP Pass?
A Only the person who’s name is on the pass is allowed to use it. Passes can not be shared or given to others. ID’s are checked at the door.

Q What if I am no longer able to attend the event?
A If something comes up and you are no longer able to attend the event please send us another email to let us know at If you do not send an email to take your name off of our door list it WILL count against your five event limit. If you however do notify us it will not count against your five.

Q What if I am only able to attend three events during the year it was purchased for?
A The pass is only good for the year it was purchased for and events that are on sale during that period of time. If you are not able to attend five events you are still getting a great deal.

Q What do I do if I lose my pass?
A Please send us an email at and we will replace it at the next event for you.