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BIO  Jonathan Hodges: (Born May 13, 1973) – I was born and raised deep in the county outside of Huntsville, AL, where I currently still reside on the same land my great-grandparents owned. This land was the only thing my great-grandparents ever owned, so tradition, family, southern values – these are all things that are extremely important to me and make me who I am. I graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in Business and am currently the Human Resources guy for a government contractor in the Rocket City. Even though I may have a white collar desk job by day, my real passion is the outdoors and everything paranormal. I’m a huge fisherman and love to hike when I have the time. I grew up, since I was old enough to hold a gun or a fishing rod, hunting and fishing with my grandfather.

My paranormal beginning is much like others I have met through the years: I grew up in a house that had strange occurrences happen often. My parents would dismiss them (“oh it was nothing” or “go back to bed it’s your imagination”) but I knew there was something more to them. The older I got, the more questions I would ask and research on my own. I would read any book I could get my hands on about the paranormal, just trying to understand. I started doing my own investigations about 10 years ago because I knew there was only one way to find the truth, whatever I discovered it was. I have currently been working on SyFy’s Deep South Paranormal. I am known as “The Man with the Plan,” and I guess some would call me the Team Leader. It’s a rough job but someone had to keep these wild guys in check!


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