Q Will I receive my tickets in the mail?
A Yes. Tickets are mailed out to our events about two weeks prior to the event date along with an informational sheet to help answer any other questions that you may have about that particular event.

Q What if I do not receive my tickets in time or I have forgotten them at home?
A We do keep door lists and are able to look you up using your ID. Id does speed the check-in process up if you have your tickets.

Q Is there an age limit or restriction?
A We prefer that all attendees be 13 or older. Those under the age of 18 require a ticket holder who is 18 or older in attendance with them. We do understand that each child/person is different and handles the black-out situations differently.

Q Are events handicap accessible?
A Certain locations are while others are not. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before purchasing your ticket. We are happy to work with you so that you are able to attend all or even some of the event.

Q What should I bring?
A You will receive an informational sheet with your tickets explaining more on this. Equipment is optional if you would like to bring your own. It is up to the celebrity investigators if they choose to bring their own as well. Flashlights are always a good thing to have with you in our lights-out situations. Food and drinks and clothes to fit the temperature differences from investigating on a fourth floor vs a basement.

Q My address has changed since I purchased tickets. What do I do?
A Please just send us an email stating that you have moved and give us your new address and we will try to make sure they are shipped out to the correct address.

Q What about rain or snow?
A Our events take place rain or shine. If by chance we have to move/cancel an event due to very bad weather and celebrity investigators not being able to make their flights we would notify via email and send notices out on our social media sites to give you as much notice as possible. This however would be extremely rare.

Q Something came up and I am unable to attend the event. What can I do?
A We do have a strict no refund policy, unless the event is for some reason cancelled. In this case we suggest that you share on social media and try to resell your tickets. We do try to help find you a buyer if this happens and you can let us know and we will do our best. If you are unable to attend due to a date change on our end then we are happy to transfer your tickets to another event of your choice or sometimes refunds are offered.

Q Will I get to meet and work with each celebrity?
A Yes. We break all guests up into small groups and rotate throughout the evening so you are able to see each and every area of the location and work with each of the celebrity investigators that we have in attendance.

Q How many people attend the investigations?
A This number varies greatly on the location and its size as well as the number of celebrity investigators that we have to take on a group. We keep our groups very small and to certain locations which then rotate as to give everyone the best experience possible.

Q What will the celebrity investigators sign and will they take photos with me?
A Our celebrity investigators do bring books, tshirts and other merchandise which you can purchase for them to autograph but they will be happy to autograph things that you bring as well. Sometimes they limit the items to keep lines moving as well as keep items more intimate vs autographed to put on sale. They are also known for taking plenty of selfies and photographs with guests.

Q What does my ticket price include?
A Your ticket price includes the entire schedule of events as listed on our website unless otherwise noted. Tickets do not include travel or accommodations. We sometimes send suggestions for nearby lodging when tickets are mailed out, but any travel and lodging is your responsibility.