Carmen Reed

BIO Aside from being folded in half at birth and coming out upside down, there would appear to be nothing abnormal about Carmen Reed. And there is nothing abnormal, rather it’s called paranormal. Carmen Reed’s life has recently been portrayed in the box office blockbuster movie, “A Haunting in Connecticut”, a film based on her intuitive abilities and, obviously, a haunted house.

Carmen knew from almost the beginning of her cognitive life that she was special, an “intuitive”; as she could feel when things were about to happen. Her paternal grandmother had the same feelings, so perhaps it was genetic. And even further back is a Cherokee Shaman and an Indian Princess, so perhaps it is more than just a gift. Perhaps it was pre destined that she see a spiritual side of life that only a few can comprehend.

At an early age, Carmen found a friend, Jaco, who became and remains her spiritual guide. No, no one else can see or hear Jaco, but his ability to help Carmen see into other’s spirits is well documented. Jaco was not only her spiritual guide and friend, but her advisor, as he knew the “normal” world would not approve of Carmen voicing all her concerns about upcoming events. In spite of Jaco’s insistence, Carmen told her uncle of his impending death, and he never forgave her in this life. Thus she learned to “jam” her gift; another way of saying withhold the information. She stifled her abilities for many years.

The story of “A Haunting in Connecticut” is but a sampling of the spiritual insight that Carmen possesses, but bears telling, as it was at this time she realized she had to allow Jaco and her gifts to manifest themselves again. When Carmen’s son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, it became necessary to find a treatment center that was closer to home than the over 300 miles they were forced to drive daily. While looking for an apartment, they stumbled onto a large Colonial style home that seemed perfect for the expanding family. They learned that it had been a funeral home early on, but since no one had died there, she felt it would be okay.

But immediately upon moving in, her son began seeing ghosts. Soon, everyone was feeling the presence of others. The incidents led to an exorcism of the home and a new approach for Carmen concerning her intuitive gifts and a study of all things paranormal that is continuous and ongoing.


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