Benny Reed

BIO  Benny Reed is co-founder of DOA Paranormal and Team Member on Syfy’s Deep South Paranormal. I’m a 40 year old Government contracting employee who works with electronics on a daily basis. I spent 8 years and 2 tours of duties in the U.S. Army National Guard. I love fishing, camping, and spending time with my family. I believe all my experiences throughout my life, the good and the bad, have prepared me for the way I approach my passion, paranormal investigating. The reason I got into paranormal investigating is because of all the things that I had happen to me while growing up and all the unexplained things that have happened to me in my life.

After my last deployment, Jonathan and I decided to start up a paranormal group to get some answers to the things that we have questioned throughout our lives. That’s where DOA Paranormal came into play. I am known on Deep South Paranormal as “The Joker” for all the practical jokes I play on the team. It’s my job to keep their senses on edge and help lighten the mood when necessary.


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