Amy Allan

BIO  Amy Allan Is a Paranormal Investigator, Physical Medium, Healer (psychometrist) & an Open Minded Skeptic.  Amy has been a Medium all her life and that is what promoted her to studies within the paranormal field, psychology, sociology, sleep and sleep disorders as well as various religious belief systems. Her studies and abilities lead her on a path with which she was tested by Parapsychologists, police detectives and the like. This in turn lead her to begin performing her own in depth research into controlled investigation techniques in the field and testing others for abilities in controlled environments.

Combining both scientific and spiritual facts, Amy tries to gather as much data as possible. She offers paranormal investigations to the public. Amy has also assisted detectives both with cases and understanding their own intuition. One of Amy missions is to help others to understand what type of ability they have and how to best serve the public with that said ability.

Dr. William G Roll tested Amy and then began to mentor her in the area of Poltergeist phenomena and how to utilize technology within the field. Dr. Roll outlined Amy’s degree studies and was a great influence on her. He was also responsible for introducing her to the media industry.

Amy has worked with Discovery, TLC, behind the scenes for CBS and many other networks/production companies, both as a consultant and on-air talent. In addition to being a Physical Medium, Amy also studied Alternative Medicine. She learned how to implement her psychometric ability into healing living people. With a multitude of amazing teachers, Amy has studied Acupuncture & Asian Medicine, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and Western Massage.

Amy currently can be seen on The Travel Channel’s, The Dead Files.


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